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This Site is about the 1899 Panhard et Levassor car that is owned by the Norfolk Museums & Archaeological Service and kept at the 'Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse' Museum of Norfolk Life at Gressenhall, just north of East Dereham in Norfolk, England. This is, we believe, the oldest working car in Norfolk.

The aim of this Site is to tell you about the car and Team Panhard, give you a little background information on the vehicle, how it works, and what events we have attended and shall be attending. For those of you requiring more information about the history of the car, or other technical data, there is a booklet available entitled “The Story of C.S. Rolls’ 8h.p. 1899 Panhard et Levassor” by Barré Funnell, available by post from Mr. B. Funnell at "Miradouro", Bungay Road, Poringland, Norfolk, NR14 7NB (cost £5.45 incl. p&p) or visitors to the 'Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse'. Also read the script of the talk given by Phil Waltham to the Norwich Engineering Society in April 2011 which provides a good background to the car, as well as Phil Waltham's description on driving the car.

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